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  Trogons are tropical birds found in all continents but Europe. The males are extremely colourful and if one is lucky, can spot one flaunting its colours in a forest. The only trogon found in South India is the Malabar Trogon, which is a pink-and-brown species restricted to the Western Ghats in the south-west. There are two more species of trogons found in India- the Ward's Trogon and the Red-headed Trogon. Both are found in the north-east reaches of India. The Ward's Trogon is extremely rare and is called 'The Phantom of Arunachal' (Arunachal Pradesh is the state in which its range is.)

In Africa, some of the trogons found are the Narina Trogon and Bare-cheeked Trogon. In North America, the Central American species Elegant Trogon is found rarely in extreme Southern Texas.In Central America and South America, there is no shortage of trogon species. Some trogons found here are the Cuban Trogon (range-restricted to Caribbean Islands) and the Masked Trogon from the Andes. South-east Asia is also another hotspot for trogon species. Thailand and Malaysia are home to the Vulnerable Cinammon-rumped Trogon and the highly endangered but vibrant Javan Trogon.


Note: I did not take this photo.

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