Monday, January 2, 2017

Bird Walk at Kaikondrahalli Lake

Join us for a bird walk as part of the Kere Habba (Lake Festival) at Kaikondrahalli Lake on 8 Jan 2017 at 7 AM.

It's a great time to visit the lake - we visited the lake on New Years Day and saw over 25 different species of birds including  Spot-billed Pelicans,  Cormorants, Coots, Spot billed ducks,  Black kites, Brahminy kites, Rose-ringed Parakeets, Egrets,  Purple herons,  Grey herons, Pond herons, Swamp hens,  Moorhens, Prinias, Mynas, Painted storks,  White-breasted Kingfishers.

Here's a video I shot about the spot-billed pelicans at the lake:

And another one about the bird formerly known as the Purple  Swamphen:

The list of birds we can expect to see at the lake is here.